For students enrolled in the EMARO+ programme in Genoa there are three accommodation possibilities:

1) Regional Agency for Education Services and Work

At the end of June / beginning of July 2019, the Agency issues a Call for accommodations. EMARO+ students will have to submit their application in the specific part of the Call reserved to international students.

The call specifies possible alternatives in terms of accommodation and costs.

Typically, the cost of accommodations is:

  • Single room: 250 euros (room) + 100 euros (food service)
  • Double room: 200 euros (room) + 100 euros (food service)

During July and August 2019, the Agency will prepare and release the rankings and assign rooms to students.

As soon as the Call will be released it will be advertised here.

The main website of the Agency is here.

2) Private apartment for students enrolled in EMARO+

The apartment is located in Via Milano, Genoa.

It comprises two single rooms and two double rooms. The cost is around 230 euros per person.

3) The International Students Office

The International Students Office manages various accommodation possibilities, also with private contracts.

The main website of the International Students Office Office is here.

All the information related to accommodations is available here.

4) Other Options

If none of these are good for the student, there are offers on social media such as Facebook groups that provide some private offers. The school assumes no responsibility for these types of accommodations.