What will your Italian Degree Mark be?

The Italian degree mark is based both on your average exam mark (aem) and on the thesis defence mark (tdm).

The higher your aem is, the higher your tdm is expected to improve the final degree mark.

If your aem is in the middle, your final degree mark can be in any case pulled up by a good tdm.

The final degree mark may be lower than your aem if your tdm is very low.

Finally, the Italian degree mark (Voto di Laurea) will be expressed on basis 110 (instead of 100) in your diploma.

Do you find it tangled? Calculate your final mark by filling the following form:

Average Exam Mark
(range 60 – 100)

(range 18 – 30)
Expected Thesis Defence Mark
(range 60 – 100)
Final Mark
(range 60 – 100)
(range 66 – 110)

Note that, in any case, the transcript of records and the diploma supplement will report separately the average exam mark, the thesis defence mark, and the Italian Degree Mark.