The following table lists all the theses available in the academic year 2016-2017. Select a title to access a short description.

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UAV autonomous take-off and landing on a surface vessel G. Casalino, M. Baglietto, E. Simetti Graal
Multimodal Detection of Expressive Movement Qualities A. Camurri et al. Casa Paganini
Design, prototyping, control and experiments of a 3 dof humanoid serial arm with biphasic variable stiffness actuation M. Zoppi, D. Zlatanov pmar, keio (japan)
Deployable mechanisms for robotics with plastic joints and rigid links M. Zoppi, D. Zlatanov pmar, beijing (china)
Cooperative manufacturing of large thin sheets with multiagent dynamic fixturing and manufacturing/fixturing task allocation to agents R. Molfino, M. Zoppi, D. Zlatanov pmar, IIT madras (india)
Design, prototyping, control and experiments of a 3 dof humanoid serial arm with biphasic variable stiffness actuation R. Molfino, M. Zoppi pmar, keio (japan)
Minimal actuation of cable driven kinematic chains D. Zlatanov pmar
Event-based bio-inspired motion in depth for collision avoidance on the iCub M. Chessa, F. Solari et al. Genova
Motion and depth estimation for scene exploration M. Chessa, F. Solari Genova
OPENMOUTH – Oral exploration of the environment and the body through a sensorized robotic mouth A. Sgorbissa, M. Zoppi EMARO LAB genova
DIONISO – robots, wearable sensors and intelligent systems to support first responders in Search & Rescue Operations A. Sgorbissa EMARO LAB genova
WearAmI – Wearable and Ambient Intelligence Make Assistive Robots Smarter A. Sgorbissa EMARO LAB genova, orebro (sweden)
An autonomous and low-cost mobile robot for package delivery in warehouses R. Zaccaria, A. Scalmato EMARO LAB genova, Sogegross SpA tortona
A Task-priority Based Control Approach to Distributed Ocean Tasks G. Casalino, E. Simetti Graal
Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Towing a Streamer  G. Casalino, E. Simetti Graal
Gesture-based control of a home assistive robot F. Mastrogiovanni EMARO LAB genova
Human-robot cooperation in household tasks integrating human gestures and speech-based dialogue systems F. Mastrogiovanni EMARO LAB genova
A cloud-based architecture for smart homes and assistive robots F. Mastrogiovanni EMARO LAB, Teseo Srl, Qxperts Srl, Ospedale Galliera, genova
Methods for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping with robots using Virtual Reality and wearable devices  F. Mastrogiovanni EMARO LAB genova
Generation of motion of a motion simulator for virtual reality experiences from real (measured) linear and rotational accelerations M. Zoppi, D. Zlatanov pmar and Singularperception Srl


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